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❤✔ Small Appliances Yogourmet Electric Yogurt Maker Cookware Kitchen Dining - Listing Ends 06/04/2018 5:36:45 PM

❤✔ Small Appliances Yogourmet Electric Yogurt Maker Cookware Kitchen Dining
❤✔ Small Appliances Yogourmet Electric Yogurt Maker Cookware Kitchen Dining
❤✔ Small Appliances Yogourmet Electric Yogurt Maker Cookware Kitchen Dining
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  2. Brand: Yogourmet
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Yogourmet Electric Yogurt Maker

Product Features:

  • Specially designed to maintain the ideal temperature required for preparing healthy, natural and perfect yogurt every time
  • Perfect for anyone on the specific carbohydrate diet
  • Has dishwasher-safe inner container with seal-tight lid, to keep your yogurt fresh
  • Kit comes with instructions, and a simple thermometer
  • Brand - Yogourmet
  • Model - 104
  • Color - White
  • Shipping Weight - 0.55
  • Item Dimensions - H 10 inches L 7 inches W 7.75 inches
  • From luckyonline on Ebay.

  • Product Description:


    A foolproof way to make perfect yogurt every time. Will make up to 2 quarts of homemade yogurt in only 4.5 hours! Also it is the only yogurt maker that will make our exclusive Yogourmet CBA yogurt that contains L. Casei which can boost your immune system, and B. Bifidus which can help promote regularity. It can also be used to make fresh cheese, sour cream and buttermilk. Largest capacity yogurt maker available and the only one that uses a "water bath" system to create an even heating wall around the inner container to maintain the precise temperature necessary to allow the yogurt cultures to incubate fully and evenly. The result is a rich, creamy, healthy yogurt every time. Includes a detailed instruction booklet, thermometer and cheese strainer.
    The Yogourmet Electric Yogurt Maker makes it easy for you to quit spending extra money on store-bought yogurts, yogurt cheeses, and cultured milks. Best of all, it helps you enjoy the rich, creamy texture and great taste associated with natural yogurt, along with a wide variety of health benefits. And you get the satisfaction of knowing exactly where your food is coming from.

    A unique water-bath system provides consistent, ideal temperatures for yogurt making.

    You simply need to select milk, cultures, and flavorings to get started. View larger.

    Flavorful, natural ingredients help make homemade yogurts, yogurt cheese spreads, and cultured milks a healthy addition to your diet.

    Versatile and Easy to Make
    Whether you enjoy yogurt with granola in the morning, as a substitute for sour cream on your baked potatoes, as a snack on the go, or as an ingredient in baked goods, you understand the rich appeal of this versatile food. The Yogourmet Electric Yogurt Maker is designed to help you craft specialty yogurts using your choice of milk

    for half the cost of store-bought yogurts.

    This electric yogurt maker uses a unique water-bath system to maintain an ideal temperature for preparing yogurt that is healthy, safe, and the perfect texture. Featuring a precision thermometer marked with both and Fahrenheit and Celsius readings and a detailed set of instructions, this yogurt maker takes the guess work out of deciding when to add your yogurt starter to your preheated milk. It's fast, too

    two quarts of yogurt take just four and a half hours to make.

    You can choose to make one or two liters of yogurt at a time, and the inner container's special seal-tight lid will let you store your yogurt in the refrigerator for more than three weeks. When it's time to make a new batch, this container is dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning, and it is made of food-grade plastic that is PVC and BPA free. Additional inner containers can be purchased separately, making it easy to keep different types of yogurt on hand or start a new batch before the last one is gone. These reusable containers contribute to a green lifestyle by eliminating the disposable containers you would collect using store-bought yogurt.

    Calcium-Rich, All-Natural, and Good for Digestion
    Using your favorite fruits, jams, or flavorings, and your own milk, whether it's local organic milk or soy milk, ensures that your homemade yogurt is free of artificial colors and the strange tastes left behind by preservatives. This system can also be used to make soft yogurt cheeses, special cultured milks, and macrobiotic yogurts with casei bifidus acidophilus.

    Having a great selection of homemade yogurts on hand is ideal for anyone keeping close track of what they eat, especially those on the "Specific Carbohydrate Diet." Plus yogurt is an easy-to-eat source of calcium and essential B vitamins. The fermentation process involved in making yogurt means that it contains lower levels of lactose compared with other dairy products, so even those who are sensitive to lactose can typically enjoy it.

    For cheese making, this kit includes a specially designed cotton bag with an easy-to-fill opening and a cord, which makes it simple to close the bag and hang it.

    The Yogourmet Electric Yogurt Maker is backed by a one-year .

    What's in the Box
    Outer container with lid, inner container with lid, thermometer, cotton bag, and 12-page instruction manual.

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