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Brand Vitamix
Color Black
Special Feature Programmable
Capacity 64 Fluid Ounces
Product Dimensions 8.5"D x 8.5"W x 17.25"H

  • Automated Blending: Five pre-programmed settings ensure simple cleaning, walk-away convenience, and consistent results for smoothie, frozen dessert, soup, and purée recipes.
  • You're in Control: Variable Speed Control and Pulse feature let you manually fine-tune the texture of any recipe;Cord: 6 ft
  • Low-Profile 64-ounce Container: Perfect for family meals and entertaining, while fitting comfortably under most kitchen cabinets. Electrical Ratings - 120 V, 50-60 Hz, 12 Amps
  • Hardened Stainless-Steel Blades: Our aircraft-grade stainless steel blades are designed to handle the toughest ingredients, so from the first blend to the last, you get the same quality results.
  • Self-Cleaning: With a drop of dish soap and warm water, your Vitamix machine can clean itself in 30 to 60 seconds. What's in the Box: motor base, low-profile 64 oz. container, cookbook, low-profile tamper.HP: 2.2-peak



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Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender, Professional-Grade, 64 oz. Low-Profile Container, Black, Self-Cleaning - 1957

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Vitamix fuels passions. It’s why we’re the brand most trusted by professional chefs. But you won’t just find us in restaurant kitchens. You’ll also find us in home kitchens around the world. Because whether you’re interested in the culinary arts, making healthier choices, or enjoying restaurant-quality smoothies at home—when you’re ready to move on and move up, when you’re ready to invest in your passion, you’re ready for Vitamix.

Built to Last
A bargain blender's not a bargain if it doesn't last. We know purchasing a Vitamix blender is an investment. But Vitamix blenders are built to last, helping you buy dependable, not disposable.

Easy to Clean
Just blend warm water and a drop of dish soap at your machine's highest speed, and watch it self-clean in 60 seconds or less - no disassembly required.

The Difference Is in the Blend
Since the number-one reason people purchase a blender is to make smoothies, it’s important to get them right. Whether you prefer an icy blend or a perfectly smooth purée, nutrition-packed with veggies or a light, fruity treat, Vitamix smoothies give you a delicious, even blend in every sip.

We don’t aim to have the highest horsepower. You don’t need more horses; you need trained ones. The focused power of our complete blending system causes every component of the Vitamix machine to work together, creating faster, smoother blends packed with flavor.

The Universal Tool
Make smoothies & juices, hot soups, flours & dough, nut butter, frozen desserts, batters, dressings & sauces, non-dairy milks, and more.

Manufactured in Cleveland, Ohio USA

Product Reviews:

5.0 out of 5 stars

Reviewed in the United States on March 30, 2022
Color: BlackStyle: Blender
Verified Purchase
To be clear, I tried to buy my Vitamix 750 “Used-Like New” here on Amazon, but it ended up not working out (the wrong blender was in the box). I ended up finding a really good deal elsewhere and bought there instead. So this review is not a verified Amazon purchase but I do indeed own a 750.

That being said, I understand why Vitamix blenders are top of the line. There are now three of us in the extended family that have Vitamix blenders (the 750 and the 320). Both blenders are powerhouses that can accomplish all of the tasks as advertised and will, over-all, out perform any other blender on the market.

Before buying my Vitamix I had two other blenders, a Waring bar blender and a Ninja (with a pitcher and smoothie cups). The Waring was OK but it wouldn’t even come close to blending anything frozen unless it had quite a bit of liquid in the container. Because of this the Waring blender didn’t get used much. The Ninja, on the other hand, could turn ice into very fine ice and it would certainly blend many things. However, I found it didn’t make very smooth smoothies unless I used the smoothie cups and even then it didn’t do a great job. The Ninja did have a few shortcomings that I had a hard time with. 1) The instructions clearly stated it wasn’t for blending anything hot, so no blending hot soups. I didn’t know this until after I started using it. 2) It couldn’t do emulsions very well and certainly couldn’t do them without making a mess because the only opening in the lid was in the corner where the contents would splash up and out of the container. 3) Running the motor for more than a few minutes would clearly overheat the motor (don’t ask me how I know). If I use the blender now, it will smell of overheating electronics after less than a minute of use. 4) The stacked blade design is simply dangerous when hand washing it. I never actually cut myself but I had to be VERY careful everytime I washed it. There were other issues as well but this isn’t a review of the Ninja, only a comparison. I did very much like the Ninja when I first got it and I made a lot of smoothies in the smoothie cups. Overall, it served me pretty well and was certainly better than the Waring I had for years and didn’t use much.

I did a lot of research before buying both the Ninja and Vitamix blenders. My research led me to think the Ninja was a close 2nd to the Vitmaix (it’s really not by the way) and I truly wish I just bought the Vitamix instead of spending any money on the Ninja. There are a lot of reviews out there comparing the Ninja blenders and Vitamix blenders where the Ninja ends up being the winner. After having my Vitamix, I found many of those reviews to be misleading, either from some bias (cost is a common one) or because the reviewer simply didn’t know how to use the Vitamix properly (blenders shouldn’t need a tamper is a common theme, but, guess what, the tamper is awesome). If you really can’t spend the money on a Vitamix or you don’t think you’ll use it much, look elsewhere, you may very well save a lot of money. Then again, you might be like me and spend money on a lower cost blender that won’t do all you expect of it and in the end be disappointed and have to buy something else. If you’re looking for a blender that will work well and blend everything from purees to dry ingredients, including ice, just get a Vitamix. With just a little learning curve the Vitamix blenders WILL get the job done. That is, after all, why restaurants buy them.

The containers are not dishwasher safe! What the? This is a common complaint of those that want to find fault with the Vitamix. Honestly, I was kind of disappointed when I found this out too. I couldn’t believe it was true when I first read it in a review so I went straight to the Vitamix website to see what they had to say. Sure enough, the containers are not dishwasher safe. But does that really matter? As I thought about it more, I quickly realized I probably would never put my containers in the dishwasher anyway. First off, I don’t run my dishwasher everyday so the container would just sit there dirty. Secondly, I use my blender sometimes more than once a day, which means it needs to be cleaned after each use anyway. This is no different than the way I clean my pots and pans. Thirdly, cleaning the inside of the blender container is so easy! Fill the container to the bottom of the handle with warm (or cold) water and literally put 1 drop (seriously, 1 DROP, not more, you’re just wasting it) dishwashing soap into the water. Blend it on high for 30 seconds and you’re done. It really is that simple. If you do buy the 750, it’s even easier because you just set the knob to clean mode and start the motor. It will ramp up the speed and shut it down when it’s done so you can keep doing other things.

Are the presets on the 750 a gimmick? I would have to say no. I use the cleaning and smoothie presets nearly everyday. I use the soup preset sometimes. The others I haven’t really used. I do use the blender in full manual mode too, but when I do, I have to keep track of what’s happening with the contents and watch that I don’t overblend. I haven’t verified this with Vitamix, but I am quite sure that the presets are “smart” enough to know whether or not chunks of food still need to be processed. If the motor current is fluctuating, I believe, the electronics know there are still chunks of food in the container and it will run longer. Of course, this doesn’t happen in manual mode.

Is the tamper really necessary? Um, yes. All of the blenders I’ve used have, at one time or another, needed to have the food pushed, pressed or moved to get it into the blades. In the case of my other blenders it meant shutting off the blender (yes, do this, be safe) and moving the food around with a spoon, etc. Or, removing the container from the motor base and shaking it to get the food down to the blades. I tended to have to do this multiple times and even then I might have had to add more liquid just to finish what I was trying to blend. With the Vitamix you simply remove the cover plug and tamp the food with tamper while the motor is running. You don’t have to be gentle either. You can really press quite hard on the contents of the container to get them down to the blades, pushing the food off of each side of the container until the blender will create a vortex. Once the vortex gets going the tamper is no longer needed and should be set aside.

What about all the bad reviews? Well, some of them are valid, of course. I work in engineering and manufacturing and, sometimes, things fail. They get missed in inspection, or there is a problem in the manufacturing process or something is on the edge of failure even after it has gone through testing at the factory. These things happen, lemons are lemons. The Vitamix warranty covers everything, so save your receipt and get them to replace the part. I’ve read plenty of reviews on these blenders that said things like, “this overpriced blender wouldn’t even…”. I have to wonder if the users read the manual and cookbooks, both of which are quite good and very helpful to get things started. Reading the manual is especially important when you first start using the Vitamix so you understand how to layer ingredients in the container and how to blend somewhat unusual things like ice. I still refer to the cookbook when I’m unsure of the blend times for things I haven’t made before. I’ve read other reviews that have said, “I can’t get my dressing (or wherever) to emulsify in this huge container”. Well, this could very well be true. The container that comes with the 750 is the 64 ounce size which has a 4 inch blade and a lot of space at the bottom of the container. This does mean your batch size may have to be a bit bigger than you might expect. I read a number of reviews and saw a bunch of videos that all said you will have to be sure to make slightly larger batch sizes with the 64 ounce container (at least 2 cups of final product). I like to experiment with new recipes in my kitchen which means I sometimes need to make small batches of things. Based on other reviews I didn’t even bother wasting time trying to use the 64 ounce container for small batches. I bought a 32 ounce wet container right away and this is the container I use most of the time. Yes, this is an additional expense, for me it has been well worth it. Keep in mind I’m usually making enough for one. When I need to blend a batch of something for more than just me I use the large container. I’m very happy I have both.

The Vitamix doesn’t have safety interlocks? The container doesn’t lock to the base? Whaaaaaat? These are both true. Until somewhat recently, there were few, if any, blenders that had safety interlocks. In a professional kitchen these things will certainly get in the way. At home they can certainly make things inconvenient. Yes, the safety locks are great if you’ve got kids helping in the kitchen. If you need the locks and latches to keep someone safe, buy something other than a Vitamix or maybe better yet, teach everyone who will be using this tool how to use it safely.. These blenders are powerful tools, just like a skill saw (which, by the way, also doesn’t have interlocks), and should be treated as such.

The Vitamix blenders are amazing machines and I have made a lot of things in mine. SMOOTHIES) yes, Yes, YES! I’ve made a lot of smoothies in my Ninja. I’ve made a lot of smoothies in my Vitamix and the Vitamix easily makes a smoother smoothie. HOT SOUP) I’ve seen a lot of demos for this and I was intrigued. Yes, you can make soup in the Vitamix from cold ingredients, it takes about 6 minutes from when you start the blender. ICE CREAM) I have an ice cream maker and I will generally use that over the Vitamix but if I need something quick and I have the ingredients frozen already the Vitamix makes a nice soft serve style ice cream. CRUSHED ICE) I’ve done this a few times and it works really well, but follow the Vitamix directions and use the tamper properly. BATTERS) such as crepe and waffle batter. Again, so easy! Keep it slow for these kinds of things though. PUREES) come out very smooth and any seeds are essentially not noticeable. MAKE FLOUR AND POWDERED SUGAR) I’ve done this to try it, and in a pinch, when I didn’t have the flour I needed. It works but isn’t as fine as commercially produced flours and powdered sugar. EMULSIONS) such as salad dressings and lemon curd. The Ninja was very terrible at making any emulsions. The Waring blender was very good at this. The Vitamix is also very good at making salad dressings and other emulsions. Because the Vitamix can heat foods via friction, making things like lemon curd is really easy. Lemon curd does come out a little less thick than the traditional method but does work well. Hollandaise in the blender is just amazing and SO easy!

Is this blender really worth the money? I can’t answer that for anyone but myself. It is very much worth it for me. I’m glad I bought the 750 because of the presets and the slightly quieter operation over other Vitamix models. Would I buy the same one again or recommend it to others? YES!

To be clear, I wasn’t paid to write this review. I believe in the machine and use mine almost everyday.
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5.0 out of 5 stars

A must for daily smoothie drinkers
Reviewed in the United States on June 5, 2021
Color: BlackStyle: Blender
Verified Purchase
TLDR; is this blender worth 600 bucks? If you intend to make a juice-free smoothie every day for years--absolutely.

When it comes to small kitchen appliances, I tend to buy Breville products because I love their product design and their product reliability. When I decided to get more greens and fruits in my diet by becoming a smoothie fanatic, I purchased the Breville (BBL405) model and it served its purpose for a few years, but there would always be little spinach or kale bits in my smoothies. Also, whenever I added raw beets or cabbage to my blend, my smoothies may as well have been called "crunchies".

This year I decided that I was never going to chew my smoothie again and instead of just upgrading to a current Breville model, I opted to try another brand. Consumer Reports recommended this product as the #1 model this year. I was not too keen on the idea of dropping $600 for a blender, but after talking to some of my neighbours and hearing them rave about their Vitamix I figured I would try it and if the results were no better than my Breville model, I'd return it. Now after several uses I can confidently assert that I will never buy another blender brand again.

Pros: any fruit or vegetable tossed in my Vitamix is liquefied. It's like a juicer with all of the nutrients remaining. There are no spinach or kale shreds, no beet chunks--every drink is consistently smooth and delicious. It blends fasts and it's easy to clean. I thought I wouldn't care for the square container, but it's practical and allows for layering fruits and veggies. Also, the blender recipe book that this comes with is awesome. I've only recently purchased this Vitamix so I'm still just using it for smoothies, but you'd better believe I'm going to try some of the soup recipes and see if this can be a substitute for my ice cream maker. The warranty is for ten years, so I plan to use with confidence.

Cons: I'm simply not a fan of the design. I've always avoided this product in the past because I just thought it was an ugly blender. That said, after watching and old black and white Vitamix commercial, I'm starting to warm up to the nostalgic aspect of the design. Another issue I have is the cleaning option makes the water warm. I tend to drink dregs of my smoothies to ensure that I get all of the fiber nutrients and with my Breville blender I could just throw in a cup of water turn on auto-clean and make an insta-infused water drink, but with Vitamix, when I do this--I get a warm a bit gross concoction. This apparently is a "feature", but it's annoying for me. Also, the lid tends to overflow if too many items are put in the container. I can use the same amount in my Breville blender and don't have this problem, so I believe this is a design issue, but it's not a deal breaker. Finally, I wish there were a better lid locking design--the current lid makes me nervous as I can never tell if it is properly secured and after a near-miss pop-off which would have painted my kitchen spinach green, I'm now wary every time I turn on blender.

Please note that the 7500 model is apparently the non-commercial grade equivalent of this model and it doesn't have the preset options, but it has the same functionality for about $100 less. I wanted the preset options and I do feel like they are worth it.
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5.0 out of 5 stars

Why did I wait so long to convert to Vitamix
Reviewed in the United States on November 6, 2022
Color: BlackStyle: Blender
Verified Purchase
We have had a Ninja for about 6-7 years. It served its purpose but it was time to replace—we got this blender on a Lightning Deal for $400 and it has blown my mind. It is worlds better compared to the Ninja. I primarily make smoothies with my blender and this Vitamix blends them so smoothly. All the seeds from strawberries/raspberries/etc are completely dissolved. I am extremely satisfied with this blender.
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Andrea Norris
5.0 out of 5 stars

Reviewed in the United States on November 11, 2022
Color: BlackStyle: Blender
Verified Purchase
I’m not disappointed with Vitamix. I have used it almost every day for the week I have had it. Exactly what I needed.
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J. Botwinick
5.0 out of 5 stars

Yep it’s noisy
Reviewed in the United States on October 10, 2022
Color: BlackStyle: Blender
Verified Purchase
This thing is really powerful. So far it’s blended everything I’ve put into it. Have not tried making soup yet but that’s next. I really like it a lot and it’s worked great so far. It’s really loud though. With great power goes noise. Hey a Ferrari makes a lot more noise than a Toyota so you just get used to it
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