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Brand Palm
Model Name Pixi Plus
Wireless Carrier Verizon, Verizon Wireless
Operating System Webos
Cellular Technology 3G
Memory Storage Capacity 8 GB
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
Color Black
Screen Size 2.63 Inches
Wireless network technology Wi-Fi, CDMA
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  • 3G-enabled smartphone with intuitive Palm webOS platform, touchscreen and full QWERTY keyboard; easy integration with Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and more
  • GPS-enabled for turn-by-turn directions; can be used as a 3G Mobile Hotspot for up to five Wi-Fi connected devices
  • 8 GB internal memory; 2-megapixel camera/camcorder; Bluetooth stereo music streaming; Wi-Fi-enabled
  • Up to 5.2 hours of talk time, up to 350 hours (14.5 days) of standby time
  • Fast 3G connectivity thanks to the reliable Verizon Wireless EV-DO, Rev A network


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Palm Pixi Plus Verizon Only Cell Phone with WebOS, Touch Screen, 2 MP Camera and Wi-Fi - Black

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The Palm Pixi Plus weighs 3.26 ounces and measures 4.37 x 2.17 x 0.43 inches. Its 1150 mAh lithium-ion battery is rated at up to 5.2 hours (312 minutes) of talk time, and up to 350 hours (14.5 days) of standby time. It runs on the CDMA 800/1900 frequencies as well as EV–DO, Rev A 3G frequencies.

Product Reviews:

M. Owens
4.0 out of 5 stars

Money saving little phone!
Reviewed in the United States ?? on February 17, 2012

Verified Purchase
I bought this phone because my LG EnV kept turning itself off and I didn't want to extend my contract with Verizon. I did a lot of research and read a lot of reviews before buying it and this one seemed to be the best choice for the price. If you will notice, most of the negative reviews about this phone are directed at the OEM shop and not the phone itself.

I recived the phone and activated it on Verizon. Of course my bill went up by $30 a month and I was unhappy about that. I waited out the rest of my contract and as soon as it was up, I transferred all three of my lines from Verizon to PagePlus via Kittywireless. This process took me about 3 hours. The important thing to remember is not to transfer the parent line first (call Verizon and ask which line is the parent line). All of my phones ported over with absolutely no glitches! There are forms to fill out online for the porting process on Kittywireless and each port costs $15.

Once the phones ported over I got e-mails saying that I was now a PagePlus customer. I was able to quickly set up the phones by following the instructions in the e-mail. Then I went to KittyWireless and put all of the phones on their TNT 1200 auto-pay plan. So each of the phones gets 100mb of data, 1200 minutes and 3000 texts (I ran reports on Verizon.com before switching to be sure this was enough to cover our usage of the phones). This costs me 29.95 per line. I was paying 180.00 a month for my phones on Verizon.

So anyway... back to the Pixi. The data on this phone is super-easy to turn off. You tap on the phone icon, tap on the top left tab that says "Verizon Wireless", tap on preferences and then scroll down and turn data off. This way you aren't using data when you don't need to. I turn my data on once a day to get my MMS messages. And if that's not easy enough, there is an ap you can download (if you put preware on your phone) that toggles your data on and off. I haven't seen anything like this on an android phone.

The phone connects to WiFi without a giltch. You tap on the right top corner, it shows a list of options, you click on wifi and tell it to connect. It will then ask for a password if your wifi is password connected. To save on battery, when you are out of range you can simply turn off wifi AND data.

The battery on the phone can last two days. You just have to make sure to turn WiFi off when it's not in range because it expends a lot of battery power to search for available WiFi.

E-mail sets up easily and if you are connected to 3g or to WiFi it pops up in the bottom part of your phone, you can click on it or slide it off and not see the notification.

The gestures on the phone make it very easy to use. WebOS actually encourages people to develop apps so you can download all kinds of apps for free using preware. I did a youtube search on how to put preware on my phone and a 12 year old kid on the video explained the process easily enough! LOL!

Pandora works well using the WiFi on this phone so I'm not using up all my data to stream music. The phone can do basic web searches and some videos without a problem.

The touchstone charging dock and cover are kind of a nice addition. You just set your phone down and it charges. The phone charges rather quickly compared to androids too. The nicest part about it is that these items cost very little on Amazon. I also got a few covers for just 2 or 3 dollars.

The phone is super slim and I like that a lot. I don't like carrying a brick in my pocket! It's light and small and you can barely notice it in your pocket. There's a silent button on the side of the phone that will put it on vibrate without going through dumb menus or unlocking the phone to try and get it to be silent during meetings and such.

Now here are my gripes:

I have small hands (wedding ring size 5) and it took me a while to get used to the small buttons for texting. There isn't an option for a touchscreen key-board so you are stuck with what you get. Now that I'm used to it, texting is just as quick as it was on the large keypad of my EnV. When I'm texting quckly, for some reason instead of an X, C or V sometimes it inserts a space. So saying live looks more like li e. That's annoying but if I slow down I can take care of it easily enough.

Every once in a while no matter what I try to do with the phone I get a message "too many cards open". All I have to do is push the top power button while turning the volume down. This pops a menu up and gives me the option to restart the phone. After restarting, the phone doesn't give that annoying message anymore. It hasn't happened for about five months now though.

The phone can get glitchy if you have too many things going at once. Like if you are looking at email and running pandora in the back ground and texting it can get slow. Re-starting it the same way I described earlier is helpful and so is cutting down on mulit-tasking.

Taking the cover off is a pain in the behind. I always feel like I'm going to break the back cover but I haven't yet.

Another downside is the fact that there really isn't any new software being developed for the phone. You can get angry-birds and certain games or books on the phone but you aren't going to be the coolest kid on the block with the newest apps.

Overall this phone has helped me save a lot of money. It's capable of doing some things that basic phones can't do. It's still pretty cool but not top of the line which is perfect for me because 100 mb of data can last me a whole month. KittyWireless' coverage has been the exact same as what I had with Verizon. If the TNT 1200 plan isn't enough I can always upgrade to unlimited for $40 or $55. Heck... I want to buy a couple more just to have for back-ups at this price!!

**Update: I've had this phone for a year now and I've gone through 3 back covers for it. Two touchstone covers as well as the original cover. They start peeling apart where the power button is and I can't stand it so I mess with it and the rubber part comes off the back. Also the little magnetic strip for the battery cover falls off quite easily. I just ordered my fourth back cover from Amazon for 4.35 so at least they are cheap.
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5.0 out of 5 stars

*GREAT* phone for the money!
Reviewed in the United States ?? on October 2, 2011

Verified Purchase
I am writing this review just after purchasing my second palm pixi (for my daughter) and am thinking quite seriously about a 3rd & 4th. It is a terrific phone for what I paid: $36 from the OEM shop (notated as there are several different marketplace sellers). My experience was very good, phone arrived fast, and new (other reviewers commented on having trouble activating used phones). The package included a wall charger and usb charger.

I'd like to thank many reviewers who pointed to pageplus! what a fantastic deal, and very nice people too. Regards activation, it took a bit more time as the msin # was not on the box and had to be retrieved from inside the phone, under the battery (not a huge issue, just took a bit of extra time). I will also note that the 12 cents left after activation is *before you put any money in*. After activation I had just over 100 minutes, ample time to check the phone/ service/ coverage; all very good.

Back to the phone itself: as one with many (too many) cell phones... mostly from bad experience; poor service/ coverage etc I would compare this favorably to every other phone I have bought in this price range (e.g. the lg620g 
LG 620G Prepaid Phone (Net10)  which is an adequate phone, but nowhere near as nice or fully featured as this phone. I would also compare it favorably to the motorola razor (not a very smart or solid phone) as well as several basic Nokias. The pixi is an early smart phone (as in pre-android). It has PDA features (contacts, task list) implemented as cards (basically ap icons) an MP3 & video player, which unlike on some other phones/ services, you can add your own music to my dragging & dropping. It also has a button to connect to Amazon's MP3 store. The phone has "synchrony" to connect to google, MS outlook and palm's website, which brings me to one important feature I *really dislike* : Your info will be stored on Palm's server. I personally hate the intrusion on privacy and am hoping for legislation to contain it. But, this is something you should know. It will limit how I use my phone! There are friends who also value their privacy... I can not will not put them in my contact list, so that cripples the phone somewhat for me. I also will not use an organizer function which posts my appointments to any web site. I am a psychologist, (there are real ethical issues here). I am hoping this is not a trend. If it is, I will be buying up last gen phones rather than succumb to the intrusion.
The phone also has a web browser (verizon's implementation) email connects, as well as popular social networking sites.

My complaints with this phone are few and mostly related to Verizon; the documentation is minimal at best (e.g. to transfer music, drag & drop... it does not say where. I put different songs in the phone window, and created a music folder within it, both were picked up by the MP3 player). I have not yet figured out if I can create ringtones on it, but know, at least that I can import them (some phones block this, forcing you to buy from the service). The user guide has more information on how to use gestures, unique to this platform, than other aps. or even the physical phone (when I needed to remove the battery to activate, there was no info on how to open the phone...) It was fairly simple, and info available out on the web, but why was it not included in the user manual? It seems the manuals (3 included) are more about disclainmers & safety warnings (don't listen to your music too loud, throw your battery in a fire: good one, submerge in water... so it is a process of discovery, finding out what all of the features are. It is not a complicated phone to figure out or use, but reasonable documentation is nice. Some of us *do* read the manual ;)

In brief: This is a great phone for what it is currently selling for. You can use it as a prepaid phone on cdma networks. It is a smart (not android) phone with PDA functions, a browser, MP3 and video player, a camera (which I forgot to mention earlier) which also shoots video (not very high quality, but then none of them are) and some features which can make set up etc easier for some as it uses synchronicity to pull down your contacts, to do lists... from other sites (if you give it permission). It also has aps and google maps on board (you have to enable google snoop to use them).

cons:Poor documantation/ user manuals, no memory expansion (but a good amount on board), have to agree to Palm's terms of use which will pick up information you enter. (Note: other "features" require giving permission to various services, but those can be denied, Palm's can not). I personally do not like being tracked or having my personal info distributed, sold... and will always opt-out. Fortunately most of these decisions are put in your hands (so you can opt to use google maps if you permit google, e.g. I have several of these features turned off or crippled on my phone, but still think it is a terrific phone for what it costs; best I have found so far.
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