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Restonc Oregon Scientific SmartGlobe Discovery Education Learning Geography Globe SG268 (Ship from US)
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Travel millions of miles without packing a bag, all with Restonc Discovery!

The Smart Globe Discovery is the perfect fun, educational gift for your little one. Explore the world through 19 fun learning activities in the comfort of your home! Use the talking Smart Pen to interact with the globe and learn about fascinating topics ranging from continents, countries, capitals, population and currency. There's also a local map to explore more about your home country. Test your knowledge with the Ultimate Challenge and explore the world like never before. You'll discover a love of learning that will last a lifetime!

19 learning activities
More than 250 countries to explore
3 game panels including a local map
Over 2.5 hours of audio content
Loads of quizzes in Ultimate Challenge mode
More than 2000 facts
Suitable for ages 6+
Assembled Dimensions: 28.3L x 39.9W x 29.7H cm

Portland Bee Balm All Natural Handmade Beeswax Based Lip Balm, Oregon Mint 3 Count
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From the heart of the Pacific Northwest comes a lip balm unlike all others - Portland Bee Balm handmade beeswax based lip balm. Our small company crafts an all natural beeswax based balm that soothes, moisturizes and protects your lips with nature, care and love. With a focus on creating a simple and pure product, we make Portland Bee Balm with beeswax from Pacific Northwest hives, adding only select handful of carefully sourced organic and local ingredients in just the right proportion to create not just a great balm, but the BEST balm.

Portland Bee Balm Oregon Mint is a true fan favorite. Quality local beeswax, organic oils, and subtle peppermint coolness make this our most popular balm.

It was from Brad’s love of bees, woodworking, and his wife Anika that Portland Bee Balm was born. Anika was searching for a more natural, effective lip balm, and Brad was keeping bees. True to their family's DIY spirit, they took the beeswax from their hives and set out to create a high-quality product that reflected the social and environmental values they hold true. Now, our small team in southeast Portland is spreading those values and bee balms to the wider world.

As active participants of the world in which we live, we strive to create meaningful, useful products that are genuinely natural, add value to people’s lives, and help bring awareness to our role in the natural environment.

From our ingredients to our packaging to our interactions with customers, we work to be a business that supports the health and well-being of the environment, our community, and of course, bees and their keepers. We are proud to be a One Percent for the Planet member company and have pledged to give one percent of our revenues to Portland Urban Beekeepers Association – helping people to beekeep in urban environments where connection to the natural world is lacking.

Pendleton Oregon Thunderbird NW Native American Tote Bag
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Oregonian pride. Coastal Pacific Ocean Northwest Design Native American Indian Tribal Thunderbird Totem Art. Traditional Haida Indian Formline Style for bird watcher, birder, eagle and bird lovers in Oregon. Great gift for Pendleton, Oregon residents. Perfect birding, bird watching gift for your birder, bird watcher. Mythical Thunderbird PNW Totem Abstract Native American Haida and Tlingit Formline Art. This Pendleton Oregon Thunderbird NW Native American item is designed by Pendleton OR Native American Thunderbird.

Pendleton Oregon Round-Up Rodeo Days Tote Bag
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Pendleton Oregon rodeo horse and cowboy silhouette design for cowgirls cowboys and ranchers at a rodeo stampede or rodeo parade or a concert in the park. Great western rodeo outfit for women horse lovers or rodeo ranch house decoration for adults or kids bedroom or equestrian sports fans and Pendleton Oregon Fans.

Oregon Scientific SG328 Smart Globe Infinity 2.0 Educational World Geography Kids Learning Toy Bluetooth Pen
Rated 3.9 out of 5 based off 60 ratings

Travel millions of miles with the touch of the smart pen. Become a globetrotting genius with the SmartGlobeInfinity! Discover an amazing world around us with SmartGlobe Infinity! Packed with fun activities, the SmartGlobe Infinity will amaze you with fascinating facts and dozens of interactive games and challenges. Use the wireless talking Smart Pen to explore the globe or take notes with its built-in voice recording function. This SmartGlobe even connects wirelessly to the SmartGlobe App available on both the App Store and Google Play. With information always kept up-to-date through PC via USB cable, the award-winning SmartGlobe is the smarter way to play and learn. With historical background, learning activities, and a Bluetooth Low Energy wireless talking Smart Pen, this high tech educational toy wows users with fascinating knowledge and penty of fun interactive games and challenges. Extend the learning by replacing the globe with themed accessory globes, where you can explore the stars and constellations or mysteries of the world. Features: Over 2.5 hours of audible educational content Activity panel with more than 30 fun and educational activities Easily update your SmartGlobe Infinity for the most recent changes in world leaders, global news, and other interesting changes to our planet (free download for two years) Bonus SmartGlobe App for extra fun (available on the App Store and Google Play) Find places and record notes with the Bluetooth connected wireless Smart Pen Record a voice memo with the Smart Pen and play it back when you re-visit the map location Switch in accessories globes such as: SmartGlobe and SmartGlobe Mysterious World Designed for ages 5+ Activities/Games: Touch Mode (Touch and Tell): Continent, Time, Weather, Leader, Area, Features, Capital, Language, National Anthem, Name, Currency, Population, Highest Point, Geography, History Find Mode (Find Specific Item): Continents, Countries, Capitals, Cities, Local Places, Ultimate Challenge Compare (Compare two places): Area, Population, Currency, Time, Distance, Flying Time Knowledge (facts about our planet): Earth facts, Amazing Facts, World News, i-Games (for the App), Voice Recording function

Oregon Scientific SG268R Smart Globe Adventure AR Educational World Geography Kids - Learning Toy
Rated 4.5 out of 5 based off 401 ratings

Following our Award winning, over 1 million units sold, we are proud to announce the new and improved SmartGlobe that features Augmented Reality. We updated our SmartGlobe with the newest worldwide facts. The coolest new feature is our app allows the SmartGlobe to come to life. You can interact with dinosaurs, animals, and famous landmarks.

Oregon Scientific MEEP Accessory - Drums
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Product Description

Drum Pad – Lay down the beat like a pro! Plug in your drums and feel the rhythm. . Everyone wins when you combine a drum pad, free games and your MEEP! – a trio you can’t beat! PORTABLE roll up your drumpad and take your one-kid-band on the road. DURABLE bang away to your heart’s content on the flexible silicone surface. CONNECTABLE plug into your creativity through the USB port on your MEEP! PLAYABLE six different drums and a variety of sizzling sounds Includes Free Games! River Drum Rower-Climb aboard for a musical adventure! Row your boat down the river and beat your drums to keep the boat from crashing into obstacles! Bang it, Bop it! Have you got the beat? Play your drums better than these crazy characters by memorizing the sequence! A 1 and a 2 and a you know what to do! Bunny Bop Dust bunnies everywhere! We need your help to clean up! Use the drums to whack the bunnies, but be careful - they can be tricky For use with MEEP! Tablet - Age 6 and up

From the Manufacturer

Undeniably, playing on a real physical instrument is a much better experience than just tapping on a cold hard touch screen while playing rhythm games. This silicon Fold Up Drum not only provide nice tactile feedback but a truly portable device for kids to bring around.

Oregon Lamination Hot Laminating Pouches Letter (Pack of 100) 3 Mil 9 x 11-1/2-inch Matte/Matte
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100 letter size 3 mil heat activated laminating pouches 9 x 11.5-inch with a writeable matte finish on both sides.
Oregon Lamination matte finish laminating pouches provide a write-on surface for signatures, etc. with pencil or ballpoint pen. Also, matte enhances black and white photos and black ink on white paper while dramatically reducing glare.
Packaging includes at least 1 silicone coated laminating carrier for those machines that require carriers.
Oregon Lamination quality meets or exceeds all major brands.
Maximum paper size recommended for this pouch is 8.75 x 11.25-inch (or less) to leave a standard 1/8-inch border of clear laminate around all sides of card for a secure sealed edge; however, 8-1/2 x 11 standard letter size paper is commonly used.
TIPS: Industry standard specification for 3 mil laminating pouches is 3 mils on each flap for a total of 6 mils added to your paper sheet. Also, 1 mil equals 1/1000th of an inch (or 25 microns metric). Laminating pouches are sealed on only one edge and open on the other three (like a folder). 3 mil is the thinnest and clearest standard pouch thickness and compatible with nearly every thermal pouch laminator on the market.

Purchase Oregon Lamination trademark quality at this reasonable price and money back guarantee. You won’t regret it.